Bitcoin Blockheight is a straight-forward plugin that fetches the current Bitcoin Blockheight and adds it to your WordPress posts, under or beside the post date field.


This plugin offers limited support. This is something I had developed for my own blog ( and decided to release it because a lot Bitcoiners have taken to referring to the blockheight as a kind of timestamp.

In the back of my mind I have the idea that if it becomes widely used, I may add options to link the blockheight field to an on-chain copy of the post somewhere, like IPFS (or maybe an ordinal).


The current blockheight is fetched when you publish your post

There are a few methods to control display, including a shortcode

The blockheight shows up as if it were a date field

Frequently Asked Questions

 How does it get the blockheight?

It makes a call to an endpoint maintained on a server here, it’s just a .txt file with the current blockheight. There’s cronjob that populates that from a nearby Bitcoin node on our network.

Does it support any other blockchains? Like Ethereum?

No. Next question.

Does it update the blockheight for a post when it is revised?

Not yet. This may be added if there is any demand for it.


If you have a question or concern around the plugin, you can: 

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* Catch me on Twitter: @Stuntpope

* On Nostr: npub1elwpzsul8d9k4tgxqdjuzxp0wa94ysr4zu9xeudrcxe2h3sazqkq5mehan (NIP-05: 

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